Fourbag is a fun, approachable and invigorating game that challenges players to test their throwing accuracy under pressure. The game can be played individually and in groups. In order to keep the game flowing we suggest groups no bigger than four players. To score points, each player has 4 bags that they throw at the board in hopes to land their bags on as many target as possible. There are 5 targets in total. Landing a bag on a big target earns the player 1 point. Landing a bag on the smaller target earns the player 2 points. Players earn multiple points for landing multiple bags on a target. Similar to bowling there is a STRIKE and a SPARE scoring configuration that earn a player additional points.


  • Basic Fourbag Games are played to 25 or 50 points. First one to the point total wins.
  • Stand a minimum of 15 feet away from the board. Official competition distance is 22 Feet
  • 1 turn = 4 throws. Players alternate turns.
  • The board is cleared after each player throws their 4 bags.
  • Bags must stay on a target until the turn (all four bags thrown) is over to count.

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